Web Science/Part1: Foundations of the web/Internet vs World Wide Web/Summary, further reading, homework

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Summary, further reading, homework

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1 What is true about the Web Architecture?

Its goal was to create a decentralized hypertext system working on the Internet (using TCP and DNS).
Like the internet the World Wide Web was the result of a large collaborative research effort that took over a decade.
The main goal was to build a universal Information management system for the physicists at CERN.
Most technologies and ideas have been around for many years and just been knit together in an elegant way to create the World Wide Web.
Tim Berners-Lee was the one with the brilliant idea to create Hypertext to link documents.

2 Would the World Wide Web have been possible without the Internet?

European inter networking methods existed and could have been used to build the World Wide Web on top.
Only TCP provided the necessary tools to create the World Wide Web.
No one knows.

3 Which of the following statements are true?

HTTP is stateless protocol
The World Wide Web was build to get rid of application protocols like gopher, ftp and email
The World Wide Web is based on the client server model
The World Wide Web is controlled by his inventor Tim Berners-Lee
Vendors pay a licence fee to the CERN and Tim Berners-Lee everytime a Web Browser or Web Server is being downloaded.