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Web Science/Part1: Foundations of the web/Ethernet/Communication over a shared Medium

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Communication over a shared Medium

Obiettivi di apprendimento

  1. understand the basic problems when communicating over a shared medium
  2. understand the origins of ethernet



1 What general problems exist while making digital communication over a shared medium?

Participants have to have a way not to talk at the same time.
Participants have to talk the same language / protocol.
The used protocol has to be an Internet standard
One has to ensure that everyone gets the same amount of time to put data to the shared medium.
Communication must be encrypted.
One has to make sure who sends a message and to whom it should be delivered.
Messages have to be delivered correctly and be secured against data loss

2 Which of the following statements are characteristic for communication over a shared medium?

The smallest amount of information that can be transferred is a Bit.
Everyone who has access to the medium can receive all the data that is being put on the medium.
Several computers use the same medium to communicate with each other
Collisions will occur if using a shared medium .
Communication must be encrypted.

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