Web Science/Part1: Foundations of the web/Domain Name System/Summary, further reading, homework

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Summary, further reading, homework

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Ulteriori letture

  1. Chapter on DNS in Internet protocol analysis (on wikiversity)
  2. Domain name regestry
  3. Domain name registrar
  4. w:Internet_Assigned_Numbers_Authority
  5. w:ICANN


  1. We have been introduced to various addressing schemes. Give a comparison of DNS with IP and with MAC. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each
What are the technical limitations and possibilities
Create a text or a table in your user namespace.
  1. Discuss the drawbacks of the domain name system in your user namespace (about 300 words) take a particular focus on the hierarchical approach with respect to technical and social issues.
  2. Write an essay in your user name space (about 300 words) in which you discuss the 3 most interesting statements or facts in the video interview with Paul Mockapetris.
  3. Use the below table to link your essays and have a look at the work of others and give feedback to the work of at least three other students.