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What is a MOOC and what will this course on Web science be about?

How to use our MOOC and this platform?

How to MOOC on wikiversity

Wikipedia basics

and script
(associated wikiproject)
Topic Date Time Audience
Editing basics: citing sources, part 1 Text formatting 2010-10 2:03 Beginner
Editing basics: boldness and links Text formatting 2010-10 3:37 Beginner
How to start a sandbox article Article creation 2010-09 2:11 Beginner
How to use talk pages Collaboration 2011-02 2:30 Beginner
How to use watchlists Collaboration 2011-01 2:10 Beginner
How to add an image Images 2010-09 1:25 Beginner
How to use bold and italics Text formatting 2010-09 0:55 Beginner
How to make a wikilink Text formatting 2020-11 1:24 Beginner
Uploading files to Wikimedia Commons (using the Upload Wizard) Images 2011-03 2:48 Beginner
Category explanation and how to use the HotCat gadget
(WikiProject Categories)
Categories 2010-03 5:45 Intermediate
How to create a Wikipedia article - Right to science and culture Article creation 2010-02 8:15 Intermediate
The steps in creating a user account on the English Wikipedia New account 2008-12 2:40 Beginner