Indirect speech

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Indirect speech
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L'indirect speech si usa per dire "ho detto che/voglio sapere se/ha detto di..."

  • You told me that they got divorced
  • I could ask Mario if he's working or not
  • The teacher is telling the students not to listening to music in class

Diversi elementi grammaticali possono cambiare con il passaggio dal discorso diretto al discorso indiretto.[1]

Rapporting wh-questions[modifica]

  • I asked him what kind of art he likes
  • I want to know why you are not singing anymore
  • I don't understand where we are
  • He is curios to apprend when Europe was born
  • I've received a message, but I don't know who is writing
  • I'm going to ask Tom how to get there

Differences with direct speech[modifica]

    • Valentina asked me: <<why don't you want to eat pizza and hamburger?>>
    • Gina asked you: <<can I have Henry's number?>>
    • Anna asked: <<have you got headeache?>>
    • Anna asks Stefano and Vito: <<are you coming on Saturday?>>
    • Valentina asked me why didn't I want to eat pizza and hamburger
    • Gina asked you if she could have Henry's number
    • Anna asked if I had got headeache
    • Anna asks Stefano and Vito if they are coming on Saturday