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1 A DOM tree

is only another representation of the XML text
comes with an API to select parts of an XML document
can be mapped bijectively to the XML text

2 By what means is Web content accessed

screen reader
Braille display
touch screen
TV set
Web crawler

3 Determine well-formedness of the following XML snippets

<tracktitle id="42">Aguas di Marco</tracktitle id="42">
<tracktitle id="42"/>Aguas di Marco</tracktitle>
<track><tracktitle>Aguas di Marco</track></track>
<track><tracktitle>Aguas di Marco</track></tracktitle>
<track><tracktitle>Aguas di Marco<trackartist>Aguas di Marco</track>

Other Quiz ideas[modifica]

1. Which of the following three DOM trees correctly represents the following XML snippet