Web Science/Part1: Foundations of the web/Internet vs World Wide Web/Motivation and requirements for the World Wide Web/quiz

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1 What is true about Hypertext?

It was first conceived by Tim Berners-Lee
The ideas are older than Computers
People in the late 40's already thought of this
Hyperlinks are always created in two directions
It needs a central server to coordinate the link network

2 Which problems has led to the invention of the World Wide Web

CERN was keen on making software inventions for computing
CERN had a need for an information management system
loads of different hardware existed and information should be easy to exchange independent on what hardware it was stored
TCP was still not a fully reliable protocol
gopher started to use a commercial licence
Various operating systems and formats for data existed.
Systems for linking information in documents would not scale or operate successfully on the Internet

3 What technical building blocks were essential for the World Wide Web?